WhiteClouds is the industry leading company in 3D printing services. Check out the information on our funding portal, and learn how you can become a founding investor in one of the hottest companies in the 3D printing and manufacturing space!


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Why Invest in WhiteClouds?


WhiteClouds is well positioned to seize the opportunities ahead in the 3D space: software, technology and printing. We built a 3D software platform that has transformed manufacturing and 3D technology operations to an “as a service” model (“3DaaS”). We utilize our platform to provide companies with limitless product customization – no expertise in 3D design, software or equipment necessary.


The future of personalization is 3D printing. WhiteClouds accelerates businesses and innovators who aim to provide personalized end-use products to their customers. And unlike our competitors who focus on creating product prototypes, we focus on creating the end consumer product. That’s why we advance tomorrow’s businesses through our software and scalable production – all to offer new personalized and customized product options at a faster pace and greater quality than ever before.