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Where innovation and cutting edge technologies meet the future of healthcare. Whiteclouds a market leader in 3D COLOR printing, operates the largest 3D COLOR printing facility in the world. Leading the industry in quality and quickest turn times provides countless custom applications. Our expert team creates full color, life-scale anatomical models derived from an individual’s medical image or custom designs. Proudly servicing healthcare providers, educators, institutions, manufacturing and the public.

        Pre-Operative         Planning

Complex cases may sometimes need a different view. 3D models provide a hands on perspective with high detail and full color segmentation.

Whiteclouds can provide these models faster than any company because of our capacity. We have provided pre-operative planning models in as little as 14 hours after receiving the CT Scan or MR Image.

Patient Education & Consultation

The ability to interact in a learning environment with real case studies demonstrating a prognosis and then comparing with the outcome is invaluable. 

Whiteclouds is changing the future of healthcare’s education.

Innovative Custom Solutions

The ability to turn customs solutions into real application is what Whiteclouds does. Working with clinicians, manufactures and engineers is shaping the future of healthcare.

If you are looking for a solution in the 3D Printing space we are your partner. From tough life changing cases, to implementing 3D Printing into your health care system, we can help.


Full Color Examples

What people are saying that use 3D printed models:




"Knowing that he (the doctor) was able to look at this (model) before he went in to operate, changes everything for me. It instills a lot more confidence in the process."






"It is personalized medicine on steroids, I will never do another surgery again without a 3D printed Model"